Movie Butter

Cinema Style Butter popcorn with or without Extra Butter Added (have it your way)!

Cheesey Cheese

Who feels the need for cheese?  Our cheesy cheese will take your taste buds on a cheesy ride into the flavor zone!


Our Award Winning Caramel is popped and caramelized every 10 minutes every day in 100% pure Coconut oil and our blend of 100% pure love and that’s why its 100% Delicious!

Midwest Mix

Our Cheddar Cheese popcorn has all the intensity of a sharp cheddar cheese combined with our delicious caramel popcorn. This mixture will bring you an intense flavor right at your fingertips that has proven to be a Midwest favorite.

White Cheddar

With the subtle taste of butter and a bold white cheddar flavor, our Buttery White Cheddar popcorn will deliver more than a tasty snack experience. It’s made from a perfect blend of white cheddar flavor and a hint of butter and salt, this is a gourmet popcorn fan favorite.

Kickin’ Jalapeno

Crispy, light, a little zesty and it tastes just like a jalapeno. The smell is intoxicating, and it tastes so good, your mouth will water when you open the bag and that’s why it is a favorite among our customers.

Simply Blazin’ (Hot)

If you love hot and spicy, we have just the flavor for you!  We’ve taken our crunchy, fluffy popcorn and added a secret blend of spices to give you a big, bold, mouthwatering treat. Try it, I dare you!!!


Our Sriracha flavor blends sweet and spicy together into a one of a kind amazing combination of flavors!  This one will have you coming back again and again.

Fruit Explosion

You Ready?  Each Color Explodes with a different real fruit Taste!  This has been compared to Fruity Pebbles cereal by some of our experts!


YES!  That feeling with no peeling is infused into our banana flavored popcorn. It’s crunchy, sweet and it’s bursting with that smooth banana flavor you’ll love.

Caramel Apple

There’s nothing quite like a caramel apple, and there’s nothing like our caramel apple popcorn. You get all the Fall flavor that makes this combination special all year round.

Banana Pudding

Did you say Banana Pudding? Voted one of our top flavors. Simply magic…Enough said!

The Flavor Doesn't End There!!

Check out our "popped to order" flavors listed below!

Bacon Cheddar

Bacon makes everything better! We prove that tenfold with our Bacon Cheddar popcorn. The Cheddar flavor is everything you want it to be, but with the taste of bacon flavor that makes it pop.

Sour Cream and Chives

Our popcorn is perfect with the sour cream and chive flavor. It’s creamy cool with just the right amount of chive “zing” that makes for an ideal snack that vanishes by the handful. 


You won’t need a grill for this great BBQ – all you need is a bag of our BBQ flavored popcorn. With a big, bold BBQ taste that has just the right amount of spice, you’ll be in snacking heaven


Our Pizza Popcorn has that cheesy, saucy, peppery flavor that’s positively mouthwatering and cheesy.


Our Cajun Gourmet popcorn takes you straight to Louisiana with a unique blend of spices that is unmatched.

Nacho Cheese

Looking for a little bit of zing in your cheese popcorn? Then you have found just the right item to satisfy your cravings. Our Nacho Cheese popcorn features our own special blend of spices to keep you snacking.

Garlic Parmesan

A perfect combination of herbs and spices for a delicious savory treat straight from Italy.

Creamy Dill

The savory popcorn flavor you must try to believe then you’ll see why it has a cult following. Pucker up!

Guadalajara Hot Sauce

This authentic, spicy popcorn treat will make you fall in love. Through a unique process, we create the Guadalajara Hot Sauce flavor and then toss it with freshly popped popcorn for a unique spicy experience.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Creamy Peanut Butter Gourmet Popcorn combined withGrape orStrawberry popcorn makes a very popular snack. Tastes just like our favorite sandwich with a crunchy kick hat is perfect for kids to snack on and take adults back down a sweet memory lane.


Looking for something sweet to satisfy your cravings. Try our cherry gourmet popcorn, the name alone is a perfect description of what your taste buds will feel.


Taste sunny, summery, sweetness any time of the year with this delicious, fruity, strawberry popcorn.  The big fluffy kernels are popped to crispy perfection and then drenched in summer flavor.


Sweet Grape in a festive purple color with an exciting, delicious flavor.


Plump and sweet, this one taste as juicy as the real thing(without the seeds).

Green Apple

We’ve taken our big fluffy popcorn kernels and added a sweet, crunchy apple glaze for a tasty treat that will blow you away. Everyone likes a good apple and adding that flavor to popcorn makes for a much healthier alternative to apple flavored candy.

Blue Raspberry

Combine our delicious, fluffy gourmet popcorn with a sweet, somewhat tart Blue Raspberry glaze.  This popcorn is bursting with fruit flavor and will have your lips smacking with delight. 


On its own, this popcorn is delicious, but we like to mix with an extra burst of flavor for an unforgettable berry finish. You can call it “fresh and crisp Blueberry Delight”!

New York Vanilla

We give our New York Vanilla a warm vanilla flavor that’s smooth, sweet, and beckons you to come back for a second and third handful. This is a customer favorite.

Birthday Cake

Every day is your birthday with this awesome birthday cake flavored popcorn. It’s got just the right amount of sweetness to make anyone smile – you’ll even taste the frosting! Makes a great snack and has far fewer calories than the real thing, so you can have your cake and eat it too!


Ever have one of those sweet and tart lemon candies, they're good, aren't they? Well, this popcorn tastes exactly like that candy. It's tart, it's sweet, and it's oh-so-lemony and it will have you smiling from ear to ear (in between the puckering up, lip smacking, of course).


Our amazing popcorn is popped up crisp and fresh and then adorned with a delicious toffee flavor, making it the perfect snack when you want something sweet, but not overwhelming. It’s a wonderful snack.

Cheezy Caramel

Dive into a sensational snacking experience with our Cheesy Caramel Popcorn, where we take our award-winning caramel popcorn and completely coat it with our signature cheese blend. This indulgent fusion creates a symphony of flavors, marrying the rich sweetness of caramel with the savory richness of cheese in every perfectly coated kernel. Elevate your taste buds with this unique and fully enveloped combination, ensuring each bite delivers an exquisite balance of sweetness and cheesiness. Our Cheesy Caramel Popcorn is a culinary masterpiece that promises a show-stopping sensation for popcorn enthusiasts seeking the ultimate flavor adventure. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm!

Red Hot Cinnamon

Introducing our Red Hot Candy Popcorn, a flavor sensation that captures the essence of classic red hot cinnamon candy without actually using the candy itself. Our expertly crafted recipe involves coating each fluffy kernel with a special blend of spicy cinnamon and a touch of sweetness, creating a fiery and flavorful popcorn experience. The result is a bold and zesty treat that mirrors the iconic red hot candy taste, offering a perfect balance of heat and sweetness without compromising on texture. Spice up your snacking routine with this unique twist that brings the essence of red hot cinnamon to every delightful bite.


our Pineapple Popcorn – a tropical twist to elevate your snacking experience.
Immerse yourself in the exotic flavor of sun-kissed pineapples combined with
the satisfying crunch of popcorn. Each kernel is infused with a burst of juicy
pineapple goodness, creating a refreshing and delightful treat. Whether you're
dreaming of a beach getaway or simply seeking a unique and flavorful snack, our
Pineapple Popcorn is a tropical paradise in every bite. Indulge in the perfect
fusion of sweet and tangy, transporting your taste buds to a sunny retreat with
this gourmet delight.